Where to find Nerd Clothes for Dirt Cheap

Clothes are one of the major ways we express ourselves and our interests over our lifetimes. In fact, why bother wearing clothing at all if you don’t want the world to know how much you love Captain America? (Don’t act like you don’t own that shirt. Everybody owns that shirt.) But clothes cost money; and with a family of 4, that gets expensive. Therefore, I must find ways to trim the budget while still showcasing Tiny Hulk’s love for TMNT, Little Man’s love for Spiderman, my husband’s love for Nintendo, and my love for Final Fantasy. It’s all in where I shop.

Fallas Paredes– Around you, this store might be called Factory 2U or simply Fallas. Either way, check this place out for low budget clothes for the entire family. I got Little Man a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jacket from here for $10 and he wore it with his matching light-up TMNT sneakers the entire winter. For even less, I got Tiny Hulk matching onesies. I also tend to come across great WWE shirts here for next to nothing.

Five Below– I hope you’ve heard of this store, but if you haven’t, move to wear one is! As the name suggests, everything in this store costs $5 or less. And this store has a wall of t-shirts that offer plenty of generic nerd happiness. You might even find stuff catering to a specific Fandom on a good day.

Marshall’s– I only recently started venturing into Marshall’s on a friend’s recommendation. There was a big shiny Ross next door, how can I be expected to see anything else? Fortunately, I scored my fabulous Wonder Woman mug on my first visit for only 4 bucks! I will certainly be back.


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