Blerdy Momma is Moving!

After evolving several times in the last 4 years, I think I’ve finally gotten a grip on where I want this blog to go. I have a vision for the future (took me long enough, right?) and I actually think I just might be able to get there. So Blerdy Momma is moving to a self-hosted space. Please update your bookmarks and come see me over there.

I still plan to share my shenanigans as I try to balance my hobbies and raising the next generation of blerds. I’ve got a couple of creative ideas churning around in my head that I’m also hoping to share with you all soon.

Some new things that you can look forward to reading about:

  • My adventures learning to use Gimp image editor
  • My toddlers having opinions about WWE and anime
  • More cosplays in progress!!
  • Healthy-ish recipes (some of which my kids might even eat!)
  • How to enjoy conventions when you’ve got the kids in tow

I look forward to seeing you over atΒ! Stop over and say hello wherever you see a comment box.


❀ Blerdy Momma

Blerdy Momma new URL

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